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August flew by very quickly and I still can't believe that summer is already over. However, our team has done a lot of work in this apparently short time.

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Наш бренд підтримав реалізацію арт проекту “Лялькові витребеньки” від Громадської організації “Generation U - покоління вільних та креативних”.

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Time flies when we help each other. Perhaps, that is why July flew by in one breath.

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Children are the future of Ukraine. And, although their present is overshadowed by the horrors of war, their childhood does not disappear from it. And who, if not mothers, can help children feel like children for as long as possible?

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On July 17, a new charity program from the Gelius brand begins - "Be in touch". Thanks to the project, people who fill out an application by July 29 will receive one of a thousand Gelius charity boxes with gadgets necessary for phone operation: power supplies and charging cables.

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The first month of summer flew by very quickly. And, although the nature around turns green, blooms, lives its own life, it is still fierce in our hearts. However, we are doing everything we can to speed up our victory ❤️

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Another month of work in new conditions, with new tasks, in a new atmosphere has passed. On the one hand, it is just another month, on the other - the depth and importance of the events that unfold, do not leave the opportunity to get used to and relax.

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Щодня, від початку війни, ми вчимося бачити довкола себе людей. Бачити їх справжність, їх силу, їх незламність.

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The Ukrainian gadget brand Gelius, together with the Masha Foundation, is launching the Unbroken Mom charity project to provide psychological support to children and families affected by the hostilities.

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Two months of the active phase of the war have passed. And while our soldiers defend borders, liberate cities and defend our lives and freedom, each of us has taken his own positions and works: security of family and children, work, volunteering, all possible support of the Armed Forces and the public sector and other important and urgent tasks. .

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At the end of April, we completed the collection for the project "For Life".

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Nowadays, the most common question you can hear is "How are you?". Because each of us cares about the health and well-being of our loved ones. We also ask it to our relatives and answer it ourselves every day.

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There is nothing more valuable than human life. Today, more than ever, this statement is relevant because, for more than a month, each of us has been forced to defend our right to exist.

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