Портативная электростанция Gelius Prometheus X1 (500 Вт)

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Gelius Prometheus X1 portable power station

Power Station Gelius Prometheus X1 – Lightweight and compact portable charging station equipped with 500W lithium battery, latest fast charging system and wireless charging. You can travel for a weekend, or even a whole week, and not worry about the power source to charge your devices.

Also, Gelius Prometheus X1 will become an indispensable assistant if you need to charge your laptop, phone or other gadgets, and you have no power supply. The portable charging station has a flashlight so you always have an extra source of light.

Portable charging station equipped with:
2 Type-C outputs with PD fast charging function (up to 60W), 2 USB outputs with Quick Charge 3.0 function, 10W wireless charging, Euro plug, 2 DC sockets, car cigarette lighter output. Such a variety and number of connectors allows you to simultaneously charge several different gadgets, as well as use the fast charging function. You can recharge your Power Station Gelius Prometheus X1 using a car charger, AC adapter or solar panel. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge the station.

The Power Station Gelius Prometheus X1 protection system will protect charging gadgets and the station itself from short circuits, overload, overheating, etc. Be calm for safety
using Prometheus X1.

DC input: DC 5521 12-24V-5A
DC input: Type-C PD 60W
Output port (socket): AC 220V/50Hz
AC output: 500W
AC output: peak hold time 1000W
Overload protection: 550W
AC wave: pure sine wave
USB1 output: QC 3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A
USB2 output: QC 3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A
Output Type-C1: PD 18W
Type-C2 output: PD 60W
Wireless charging: 10W
Output port DC1/DC2 cigarette lighter: 12V/10A MAX
Charging parameter: DC 12-24V/5A
Charging time: 4-5 hours, 10% to 100%
(auto power off)
Charging voltage: until fully charged 25.2±0.1V

Protection function: short circuit, over current, overload, over temperature, over voltage, short voltage
LED screen: display battery percentage, charging status, DC, AC, PD (W) working status
Battery type: Li-ion 18650/2600mAh
Battery capacity: 124,800mAh
Battery Battery: 461Wh
Number of battery charge cycles: >1000 times
AC over temperature protection: ≥85°C
Battery over temperature protection: ≥65°C
Product dimensions: 178mm x 161mm x 241mm.

Категория товара
Дополнительные батареи
Подкатегория товаров
Портативная электростанция
Выход USB-1, A
Выход USB-2, A
Руководство пользователя
Заряжается от
USB, От сети
Вес. г
Одновременно заряжаемых устройств
С дисплеем
Функции зарядки
Power Delivery, QC быстрая зарядка 3.0, Qi беспроводная зарядка
Выходные интерфейсы
USB-A, Wireless, DC, USB Type-C
Входные интерфейсы
DC, USB Type C
Модель УМБ
Prometheus X1
178х161х241 мм
Емкость, мАч
Беспроводные, Проводная
с LED лампой
Выходное напряжение
210-230 В
Литий-ионные (Li-ion)
Подходит для зарядки