Phone Batteries

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Any mobile device with the expiration of a certain period loses its original parameters, which affects the quality of its performance. Most likely, a faulty or worn out battery may be the problem. In such a situation, it will be enough to replace the module with a new, workable version and continue using your smartphone.

A rechargeable battery is an important component of your smartphone, which is the main source of energy for a mobile device. Among the main requirements for batteries are powerful power supply components, due to which they are able to maintain the required voltage for a long time.

Types of mobile phone batteries

What types of mobile phone batteries are used by manufacturers?

The material of the electrodes and the composition of the electrolyte used in production influences the designation of the battery type. These types of batteries are used for modern mobile phones:

  • Lithium-ion.
    They have low self-discharge and high capacity. A built-in charge controller minimizes the risk of fire.
  • Lithium polymer.
    More perfect type. These batteries are compact, flexible, have low self-discharge and no memory effect, as well as temperature resistance.

For which brands of phones you can buy a battery?

Almost all smartphone manufacturers produce batteries for them, but the price may turn out to be overpriced in comparison with counterparts of non-original batteries. It is important that the battery is compatible with your mobile device. Batteries for such brands are presented in the catalog of the Ukrainian brand Gelius:

Mobile Phone Batteries

How to choose a battery for your phone?

The main criteria for choosing a battery for a smartphone for replacement:

  • Battery capacity.
    The higher the capacity indicator, the longer your device will not be discharged. Therefore, pay attention to the fact that the capacity should not be lower than that of the original battery.
  • Compatibility of the battery with a smartphone.
  • Size and weight.
    The dimensions and weight must correspond to the model of the mobile device. You need to pay attention to the battery specifications before purchasing.

Internal batteries for smartphones are of the following design:

  • Original - these batteries are manufactured by companies that manufacture mobile phones under their own brand.
  • Compatible, universal - manufactured by third-party manufacturers who have passed mandatory testing and received quality certificates. Special markings will help you determine if the module is compatible with a particular smartphone. Universal batteries are designed to replace the original ("native") battery. They are adjusted in size and allow you to use your mobile phone without any special restrictions. This solution is perfect for those users whose batteries are extremely rare..
    This option is more affordable for purchase and at a price.
  • Unnamed - Chinese products, have a cheap price and low quality.

The convenience of choosing a battery in the Gelius catalog lies in the fact that you will find the presented goods according to the indicated markings of the mobile phone model, which greatly speeds up and simplifies the search.

If you doubt whether the selected battery is suitable for the phone, you can contact the representative of the Ukrainian brand Gelius with this question and get advice.

Benefits of choosing a phone battery from Gelius

The Ukrainian brand of gadgets and mobile accessories Gelius was founded in 2018, with an emphasis on good quality products at prices for everyone who wants to keep up with the times. There is a 1-year warranty for the products of the Ukrainian brand.

There are many options in the battery category catalog that will fit perfectly with your smartphone model and provide a long working life. On the website of the online store you can choose what you need.

Where is it profitable to buy a battery to charge your phone with delivery in Ukraine?

You can buy a battery, as well as other products for your smartphone - screen protectors, cases, charging cables, and network devices. You can place an order online in the official online store of the Ukrainian brand Gelius, after which our manager will contact you to confirm all the details.

Delivery is carried out by New mail throughout Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, etc.)