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The eyes of the military at night on the front lines are our safety in the cities and villages during the day.

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Every day we thank our defenders for the morning and the new day! For the past nine months, we have been unceasingly supporting the Armed Forces.

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In November 2022, the national promotion of the Ukrainian brand of smart gadgets and mobile accessories Gelius was extended.

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New Year and Christmas is a magical time, strongly associated with childhood memories.

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The beginning of winter for everyone broadcasts about the upcoming New Year holidays with the smells of tangerines, pine needles and nostalgic miracles.

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Thanks to fundraising by @Gelius, together with @Nadia and, 4 devices for sterilization of medical and surgical instruments were purchased for the amount of 109,500 hryvnias for a hospital in Kharkiv region.

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This autumn brought new challenges to all of us. In addition to the forced pauses during air alarms - we need to have time to do our work in that uncertain period of time, while there is electricity and communication.

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In October, a national promotion from the Ukrainian brand of smart gadgets Gelius began, where every user got a chance to win powerful power banks and brand new smartphones.

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The first month of autumn has passed. And, although many of us still feel as if forgotten and frozen in the morning of February 24, time does not stand still.

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Украинский бренд Gelius запускает акцию для покупателей и продавцов смарт гаджетов и мобильных аксессуаров.

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Kostya is a teenager with autism spectrum disorder, and he is also a budding artist, volunteer and philanthropist.

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August flew by very quickly and I still can't believe that summer is already over. However, our team has done a lot of work in this apparently short time.

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In early September, the largest annual exhibition in Europe took place, which was held in the areas of technology and electronics IFA at the Messe Berlin exhibition center.

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The Ukrainian brand Gelius and its team congratulate every Ukrainian man and woman on such an important holiday of freedom - Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!

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