Samsung Batteries

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Samsung is one of the most popular brands in Ukraine for the production of electronics and household appliances, which has proven itself internationally. Today, all over the world there are various models of smartphones from the budget line to the premium class. This makes the products more affordable for every customer.

The South Korean brand Samsung has been present on the Ukrainian market for over 16 years. Therefore, many mobile phone users still have old models, as well as relatively new ones, for which batteries are already on sale.

Batteries for smartphones from any manufacturer have a definitely limited number of charge / discharge cycles. After going through all the cycles, Samsung batteries may start to work incorrectly, quickly lose their charge level, and then become completely faulty. 

How to know when it's time to replace the battery?

Active use of a mobile phone gradually leads to the deterioration of the battery and to the necessary replacement as a result. If you have purchased a new smartphone, then its battery will be enough for several years. 

Battery manufacturers claim that the battery activity of smartphones is 500-1000 charge cycles of a level from 0 to 100% (it all depends on the intensity of use).

The most common reasons for replacing your phone battery are:

Chemical aging.
Most often, this problem affects lithium-ion batteries, which is reflected in a rapid decrease in capacity, performance and power, which actually ensure the full functionality of the smartphone.

Battery wear.
The battery of any smartphone with a sufficiently long use comes to a gradual wear and tear, being a consumable. As often happens, battery wear occurs at the most inopportune moment, when the user does not expect it at all. The process of wear itself can manifest itself in the inhibition of the performance of some functions on the phone, for example, an application opens for a long time or some function starts.

The life cycle of a battery determines its lifespan. If the smartphone battery starts to discharge quickly or the phone overheats, you need to think about replacing the battery as soon as possible.

Types of batteries for Samsung phones

The type of battery is indicated by the influence of the electrode and electrolyte materials used in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers use batteries for a long lifespan of smartphones:

By type.

  • Li-ion (lithium-ion) - a type of battery with a sufficiently large capacity and low self-discharge. Fire risks, in turn, are reduced by the built-in charge controller.
  • Li-Pol (lithium polymer) - advanced type batteries. Lithium polymer batteries are compact and flexible. This type of battery with low self-discharge has no memory effect and is very temperature-resistant.

By brand.

There are three key types of batteries:

  • Original batteries - certified batteries that have passed safety and quality checks. Such batteries are presented from the official manufacturer Samsung. Original batteries from the official manufacturer meet all the requirements for compatibility with mobile gadgets. Such batteries are expensive.
  • Universal, licensed batteries.
    These compatible batteries are manufactured by third-party manufacturers who are certified and tested to meet all required criteria. Universal batteries have special markings that allow you to track and verify the compatibility of the module with a specific device model.
    The option of buying these batteries has a quality guarantee and affordable prices.
  • Rechargeable batteries "No name».
    They are too cheap and of questionable quality. These batteries are not warranted. Chinese nameless batteries do not work properly, charge poorly and provide incorrect information to the user.

Samsung Cell Phone Batteries

By battery capacity.

This indicator is one of the key criteria. Smartphone battery capacity can tell you how long your smartphone will last for use throughout the day. The capacity must correspond to the parameters of the original battery or be higher than stated. In short, the higher this level, the more and longer your smartphone will hold a charge.

How to choose a battery for Samsung phones

Samsung uses a lithium-ion type of battery. Accordingly, it is necessary to pay attention to such a format before purchasing a storage battery. The capacity can be from 2100 mAh and above.

The main criteria for choosing a battery for Samsung smartphones:

  • The primary factor when choosing a battery for Samsung is the compatibility of battery models, they must be compatible with each other. The parameters of the battery must always correspond to the original version of the battery, including identical dimensions and weight.
  • Also an important criterion is the choice of the battery by the type of battery.
    Samsung creates rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are compatible with many of Samsung's devices.
  • Battery capacity - will affect the level of duration of use of a mobile phone (the average capacity of Samsung batteries is 2100 mAh).
  • When choosing a battery, it is important to pay attention to the absence of memory effect. This means that you can recharge a device that is currently not fully discharged.
  • Built-in controllers providing for short circuits, overheating, overcharging. This factor affects the safety and further productive work of the battery.
  • Choice by price and manufacturer.
    The original battery certainly has a number of advantages, but its price is also high. Alternatively, you can consider universal type batteries from licensed brands. The Gelius brand offers compatible batteries that are not inferior in technical parameters to the original ones, while the cost is much cheaper.

Where to buy a battery for a Samsung phone?

An order for rechargeable batteries for Samsung smartphones, as well as cases, Power Bank, chargers and protective glasses can be placed online on the website of the official Gelius brand. For consultation and confirmation of details, a specialist of the online store will contact you.

Delivery can be carried out by New mail within 1-3 days throughout Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lvov, etc.).

Benefits of Gelius batteries for Samsung smartphones

Gelius is a Ukrainian brand of mobile accessories and smart gadgets, which was founded in 2018, focusing all its efforts on good quality products at reasonable prices. Samsung batteries have a 1 year quality guarantee.

In the assortment of the Gelius catalog, you can quickly and easily find the model you need for your Samsung smartphone. The site provides a convenient search for the required model, as well as marking filters.

Popular Battery Models for Samsung Cell Phones

Battery model
Technical specifications
Battery Gelius Pro for Samsung J5-2016 (J510) phone, EB-BJ510CBC
Battery for Samsung J5-2016 (J510) phone / Capacity 3100 mAh / Li-ion / 45x93x4 mm
198 UAH
Battery Gelius Pro for Samsung J7-2017 (J730), EB-BJ730ABC
Battery for Samsung J7-2017 phone / Capacity 3600 mAh / Li-ion / 41x92x4mm
266 UAH
Battery Gelius Pro for Samsung J7-2017 (J730), EB-BJ730ABC
Battery for Samsung G973 (S10) phone / Capacity 3400 mAh / Li-ion
225 UAH
Battery Gelius Pro for Samsung A505 (A50) phone, EB-BA505ABE
Battery for Samsung A505 (A50) phone / Capacity 3900 mAh / Li-ion
244 UAH
Battery Gelius Pro for Samsung M307 (M30s) phone, EB-BM207ABY
Battery for Samsung M307 (M30s) phone / Capacity 5830 mAh / Li-ion / Compatible with M30s and M20s
257 UAH