Laptop Backpacks

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Laptop backpacks: popularity, tips and tricks for choosing

For trips around the city, including business trips, it is difficult to imagine moving without a laptop. Such equipment requires safe transportation and reliable protection.

The main types of backpacks for laptops

A variety of accessories for laptops is designed for certain dimensions of the device, the total capacity for various items and things. These varieties include:

  • Models of backpacks for laptops, the diagonal of which is up to 12 inches.
    Such models are the smallest options and the most compact.
  • Backpacks for laptops up to 14 inches.
    They are average models for urban movements, as well as the most popular among users.
  • For equipment with a diagonal of 14 to 19 inches.
    Backpack models are more spacious for large laptops and other miscellaneous items that you may need during the day.

Almost all of the modern backpacks from the above have a modern, fashionable design that combines a discreet style, sporty or business. Therefore, you can choose any option based on your needs and taste preferences.

On the official website of the Gelius brand, you can find backpacks for portable devices, as well as a model of a transformer accessory. This backpack is versatile and is designed to be used as a bag or a backpack.

As an addition, you can consider a chest bag, which is conveniently fixed on the chest and provides quick access to things. The accessory is suitable for outdoor activities and walks.

Benefits of using laptop accessories

Unlike other laptop bags, the backpack has some advantages. These include:

  • Sufficient capacity.
  • Separations inside the backpack, provided for electronic equipment, papers and so on.
  • Uniformity and correctness of the division of weight for the back.
  • Shoulder strap adjustment.
  • The ability to choose sufficiently wear-resistant models of backpacks.
  • Practicality for the city.
  • A wide range of models for any style of clothing.

Criteria for choosing a laptop accessory

Choosing the right practical back pack according to the criteria of internal capacity and appearance is quite simple.

The main selection criteria include:

The purpose of the backpack.

Backpacks for the city are designed for safe and comfortable movement with computer equipment along the streets of big cities and in transport. These backpacks are versatile and practical options that hold most of your essentials throughout the day.

Tourist models will be the perfect solution for comfortable travel over long distances. Given the capacity of a large number of things inside, backpacks of a tourist type are safe for a person's back. Models of tourist backpacks will even fit tourist tents, food and other useful travel accessories.

Types of materials for tailoring.

The materials from which the accessory is made directly affect the factors of strength and durability of the backpack. As well as resistance to the appearance of various scratches on the fabric and damage to its appearance as a whole.

The pricing policy depends on the maximum density of the accessory.

For materials, the following types of fabrics are often used:

  • neoprene;
  • polyester;
  • nylon;
  • polyurethane.

Backpacks and bags

Considering the high probability of using a backpack in wet weather (showers, snow), you should foresee this in advance and give preference to models with high moisture resistance.

When buying an accessory, you should consider dense and durable materials. Sufficiently waterproof backpacks will allow you to be confident in the safety of equipment and other items.

Design and level of capacity.

According to its structure, the frame of the backpack is: soft, medium and hard:

  • Backpacks of a rigid type, which distributes the load for posture and spine, especially when carrying a heavy weight inside.
  • Semi-rigid type - the optimal frame, which is taken into account for most modern models.
  • Soft type, which is designed for children's and women's backpack models and is not designed for a large laptop weight.

The dimensions of backpacks for laptops may visually seem the same. Although the capacity of accessories has a ratio with the indicated diagonal of the laptop screen:

  • Small backpacks (up to 14 inches) - have a flat shape, one or more compartments for things.
  • Medium sizes - more popular among users, designed for capacity for laptops, the diagonal dimensions of which are from 15 to 17 inches.
  • Large sizes (from 17 inches) - accommodate the maximum arsenal of things: laptop, umbrella, various gadgets, etc. Large models provide many departments and pockets. Most often used for trips and hikes.

For most accessories for laptops (chargers, Power Bank, computer mouse, etc.), internal, demarcated departments and hidden pockets are thought out. The presence of strong and hidden locks allow you to move safely in public places.


Any models of women's or men's backpacks can be selected according to individual preferences. Therefore, when choosing an accessory, you can find many models of different colors (from discreet classic to bright) and shapes. There are also many versatile and modern options that differ in size.

The shape of accessories can be: square or rectangular, round or trapezoidal.

Where to buy backpacks for laptops with delivery in Kiev and Ukraine?

You can buy bags or backpacks for electronics, as well as smart gadgets on the official website of the Gelius online store. To place an order, you must select the product you like and add it to the basket. A contact center specialist will contact you to confirm the information.

Delivery takes place throughout Ukraine within 1-3 days through the courier service of New Post (Dnepr, Kharkov, Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, and so on).

Popular backpacks for women

There are women's backpacks for laptops in size, material and color design. Girls and women prefer lightweight backpacks, a delicate and bright palette of colors.

Gelius Backpack Daily Satellite Gray – UAH 399

A versatile accessory for everyone. The material is quite resistant to wear and tear, it has a well-thought-out laptop compartment with a soft lining inside. Dimensions: 300x410x110 mm, allowable diagonal - 15.6 inches.

Gelius Backpack Monetary Attract Gray – UAH 399

The accessory is made in a restrained style, has an orthopedic back and a ventilation system, which is very convenient in hot weather. The model has a combination lock to protect your belongings. The backpack will fit a laptop with a diagonal of 15.6 inches, the dimensions of the transformer backpack: 320x420x100 mm.

The best laptop backpack for men

Men's backpacks are designed to carry more weight than women's options. Therefore, you can consider medium-sized and large accessories, the capacity of which is designed for a laptop and many other useful things.

Gelius Waterproof Protector – UAH 849

Waterproof backpack with orthopedic back, rubberized zippers, secret pockets and shock-absorbing lining against damage and impact.

Gelius Backpack Waterproof Protector 2 – 1199 UAH

The waterproof backpack has hidden pockets and breathable mesh for the hot season. The model is very discreet, stylish and strong.