Charitable project "Unbreakable Mom"

Charitable project "Unbreakable Mom"

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The Ukrainian gadget brand Gelius, together with the Masha Foundation, is launching the Unbreakable Mom charity project to provide psychological support to children and families affected by the hostilities.

Ukraine will definitely win, the war will end, but the injuries caused by the war will never be forgotten. Tens of thousands of our fellow citizens were forced to hide and spent weeks in bomb shelters, cellars, etc.

Another painful topic is rape! In the first half of April, 400 reports of rape were received and they continue to come. And the worst thing is human losses. 221 children were killed, 408 were injured, the losses among the adult population are estimated in the thousands. There are people who miraculously survived and got out of hell on the territory of Ukraine.

Now they are safe, but crippled physically and mentally. All this is superimposed on other crimes that entailed additional traumatization. Psychological trauma, physical trauma - they can change the lives of those who have to build a country. Our goal is to prevent the "lost generation" from happening again.

Rehabilitation within the framework of the Unbreakable Mom project will include two weeks of work with a psychologist for adults and children, group classes, art therapy, and physical activities that will help families stabilize their condition. After two weeks of work with each, psychological support will be extended up to 3 months.

The project is designed for residents of the Sumy, Chernihiv, Luhansk, Kyiv, Donetsk and Nikolaev regions who were under occupation and where active hostilities took place. It is planned to provide assistance to 120 families (women and children) in July and June. The pilot project will be extended in the following months.


Support the project with a charitable contribution! Together we are a force that can work wonders!

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