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Children's smart watch is a modern solution for communication with a child and confidence in his safety. Smart watches for children can replace a mobile phone and provide prompt communication with parents at any time.

Smart accessories will allow adults to be aware of what is happening around the child and where he is at a particular moment. Modern models of children's Smart Watch have wide functionality and a number of features that will be useful for children and parents.

Children's smart watches differ from adult models in that they are designed primarily for telephone communication, thanks to the built-in SIM card slot. And also children's accessories have an emergency call button, a wiretap function and built-in sensors that determine the location of the child and transmit this information to the parent remotely.

Types of children's smart watches

Children's smart watches are designed for wrist use. This creates an advantage over smartphones in the sense that they are harder to lose or break than a mobile phone.

Children's models can be of these types:

  • With a SIM card. Such models perform the function of a smart watch phone, which allows you to receive and make calls. The watch with a SIM card is designed for use by children aged 5-14.
  • Smart watch without a SIM card - a universal watch option for children over 14 years old.
  • Smart Watch models can be presented specifically for girls, boys, or in a universal format. This factor is determined by the color of the bracelet (pink, blue, black, and so on).

Useful features of Smart Baby Watch

Modern children's smartwatches have a list of basic and additional functions that expand the functionality of the device. Basic (main) functions are in most models, and additional, in turn, expand the list of their capabilities.

Useful functions in watches for children are:

Dust and moisture proof + shockproof.
A certain level, indicated by the manufacturer in the description of the model of children's smart watches, provides the ability to protect against various shocks, falls, water ingress when washing hands or dust. The higher the level of protection, the more the children's watch can withstand.

IP68 - considered the highest level of protection that can withstand immersion in water of 1-3 meters.

Built-in camera.
Performs an important function of Smart Baby Watch: parents can connect remotely to the device and see the environment around the child, as well as his environment. The camera allows the child to take photos as well.

SOS button.
The usefulness of this feature button is that the child can send a signal to parents for help in the form of a callback or notification. The callback comes to the parents' smartphone, and in a special application, you can set up alerts.

Wiretapping (feedback) function.
Allows parents to listen to the child in real time through the device. Feedback will be useful for emergency situations in which a child may find himself (school, kindergarten, circles, etc.).

Off-hand sensor.
Some Smart Baby Watch models have a built-in sensor that notifies parents when a child removes the watch from their wrist. The signal immediately comes in the form of a notification to the parents' phone.

Two-way communication in children's smartwatches.
Allows you to make outgoing and incoming calls from 15 phone numbers. Calls from unknown contacts are rejected automatically for the child's safety.

Determination of location.
Geo-fence (safe zone) will allow you to track the location of the child through a mobile application. In it, you can configure the signal of the GPS tracker and designate the zone in which the child should be. Geolocation when determining a geo-fence may differ from real indicators within 150-200 meters.

Baby Smart Watch

Additional features include:

  • Alarm.
  • Pedometer.
  • Search for hours.
  • Monitor sleep and activity throughout the day.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Measurement of body temperature.
  • Voice and text alerts.

Criteria for choosing children's smart watches

When choosing a smartwatch for a child, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

Age category.
The model of the device must be suitable for the child's age.

Required functionality.
Basic functions are well suited for preschool children. But for older children, you can consider more functional Smart Watch.

Display type.
A modern kid's watch for a child is best viewed with a color touch screen. Children really like the brightness and colors of the screen. Some models are designed for educational games, and for this a color display for children is already a necessity.

Smart Baby Watch can work from 8 to 48 hours, autonomous mode has up to 7 days of work. Battery capacity standard in children's watches - 400-600 mAh.

SIM card slot.
Smart watches for children with a SIM card slot can replace a mobile phone. If the child has a smartphone, models without a slot can be considered.

GPS module.
This ability locates the child thanks to the SIM card. Geolocation information is transmitted to the parents' smartphone via a mobile application.

For a more detailed study of the issue of choosing this product, we recommend reading the article on our blog. It lists all the functions, as well as recommendations for choosing and connecting children's smart watches.

Choosing a brand of children's smartwatches

Many smart watches for kids follow a standard set of features. Since children grow up quickly, their horizons change, and new items appear quickly - a practical solution would be a smartwatch with a view to several years. It is presented on the market at different prices. The Ukrainian brand of smart gadgets and mobile phones Gelius has a wide range of interesting offers in several price categories of accessories. If in doubt, it is better to choose a watch for a child, use the product filter or contact the store manager to find a consultation.

Advantages of Gelius children's smart watches

Gelius - is a Ukrainian brand that was founded in 2018 and managed to establish itself among users, creating interesting and high-quality products at reasonable prices. The products of children's smart watches are provided with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase in the online store.

On the Gelius website, in the assortment of the Smart Baby Watch category, you will find great options for your children. All models of children's watches have a stylish design and a wide range of useful functions.

TOP 3 best models of children's Smart Baby Watch from the Gelius brand

Children's smart watch Advantages Price
Children's watch Gelius Pro GP-PK001 (PRO KID) Black / Silver

 Stylish model with rich functionality.

TFT touch screen, size - 1.44 inches, resolution 240x240.
1399 UAH
Children's smart watch with GPS tracker Gelius Pro Care GP-PK004 (LTE / VoLTE / Temperature control) Pink Beautiful design, durable body and screen. Wide range of functions and high performance. 1999 UAH
Children's smart watch with GPS tracker Gelius ProBlox GP-PK005 Black Design based on the Problox game, wide useful functionality and opportunities for parents. 1599 UAH

Where to buy cheap smart watches for kids?

You can place an order online in the official online store of the Ukrainian brand Gelius, after which our manager will contact you to confirm all the details.

Delivery is carried out by New mail throughout Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, etc.).


Buying a children's watch is a good solution for parents' confidence in the safety of their child. Children can independently move to school, to circles, sections, additional classes and back home. The device will become a faithful helper for children and a means of communication with parents. Thanks to the capabilities of such a device, you can understand where and with whom the child is and what is happening to him.