Protective glass for phone

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Protective glass for a mobile phone is a useful thing that allows you to protect your smartphone screen from various damages, scratches, shocks, as well as the consequences of falling. This protection will save money on display replacement costs.

The smartphone glass is made of a very thin piece of transparent plastic that is less than 1 mm thick. The structure of such glasses is quite hard and bendable.

How to know when it's time to replace your protective glass?

There is no specific timeframe for replacing a protective glass. The properties of the glasses do not depend on the date when it was pasted on your smartphone.

It is recommended to replace the protective glass with a new one in case of cracks, chips. Sand or dust can get into such damage, which will be the main cause of damage to the original display. When this happens, the glass goes into a state where the level of protection is reduced, which also affects the deterioration of the display's view and aesthetic appearance.

What does the protective glass consist of?

Original products in this category are made of glass, which has five layers of different materials:

Oleophobic coating.
Repels dirt and moisture. Microfiber cloths make it easy to remove greasy stains and streaks. This coating is standard for all types of safety glasses.

Silicone Coating.
Strong type of coating that adheres to the surface of the screen without creating an airspace.

Impact resistant coating.
Saves from various abrasions and scratches, having the highest strength.

Anti-glare coating.
Does not cast off sun glare.

Film coating.
A very important component that prevents damaged glass from shattering.

Types of protective glasses for smartphones

Thickness and shape.

  • 2D - simple, flat rectangular glass with a multilayer structure. The edges fit snugly around the screen surface and remain invisible under the bezel.
  • 2.5D - flat glass with rounded edges that protect the entire surface of a smartphone whose display is rounded at the edges.
  • 3D - glass curved in the center, along the edges and sides. Glues around the edges to the screen, also covering the entire front surface of the smartphone.
  • 4D-7D - are considered the most high-tech types of tempered glass, have a curved shape at the edges to the extent that they visually blend with the display of the device. Glasses are glued over the entire surface of the display.

Glass color.

The protective glass frames also affect the aesthetic appearance of the smartphone. You can select glass to match the color of your mobile device. Standard glasses do not distort the phone screen and do not spoil the image quality. There are glasses with blue and green filters that reduce eye strain.

Coating type.
There are three types of coating for safety glasses:

  1. Glossy glass. They have an impact on the excellent brightness of the screen and are invisible on it.
  2. Matte. Slightly distorts screen display, although does not fade under bright lighting.
  3. Private (anti-spy) - a type of glass with a tinted shade, which transmits the image only to the owner of the smartphone, the image on the display can be seen only at right angles.

Protective Glasses

How to choose a protective glass for your smartphone?

To choose the right screen protector for your smartphone, you need to compare the following criteria:

  • Smartphone model.
    For reliable and high-quality protection, it is necessary to choose glasses for a specific model of your mobile device, since they are not universal.
  • Level of strength of protective glass.
    The strength level "H" is indicated on the glass packaging. Maximum protection level H - number 10.
  • Thickness of protective glass.
    Modern glass has a standard of 0.15-1 mm thickness. This indicator affects the appearance and shock resistance of the display. The thicker the glass, the lower the sensitivity of the screen sensor. Too thin will also not provide sufficient strength.
  • Glazing adhesive layer.
    The color rendition of images and the service life of the screen protector depend on the methods of gluing the protective glass on the smartphone display.
  • Appearance.
    Thinner glasses make the frame more invisible. Therefore, it is better to choose thinner glass.
  • Price.
    Cheap safety glass quickly begins to shatter and shatter from corners and sides. It is necessary to pay attention to the materials and the above factors.

The website of the Gelius brand contains more than 450 glasses for modern smartphones of various models. For the convenience of your search, there are filters that will help you find the protective glass you are looking for faster. Specialists of the online store Gelius will help you choose the best option for protecting your display.

Advantages of protective glasses from the Gelius brand

The Ukrainian brand of gadgets and mobile accessories Gelius was founded in 2018, with an emphasis on good quality products at prices for everyone who wants to keep up with the times.

In the catalog of the category of protective glasses there are many shock-resistant, high-quality offers. You can choose protective glasses from the Ukrainian brand according to various parameters, coatings and types. On the website of the official online store you can get expert advice and choose glass to protect your smartphone for a long time.

TOP popular protective glasses for the phone

Glass Model
Protective glass Anti-spy Gelius Pro 5D Privasy Glass for iPhone
UAH 299
Protective glass matte Gelius Pro 5D for iPhone
UAH 299
Protective glass Gelius Green Life for different smartphones
UAH 199
Protective glass Gelius Ultra ultra-thin 0.2 mm for iPhone
UAH 99

You can place an order online for protective glass, covers, mains chargers, power banks and cables for your smartphone in the official online store of the Ukrainian brand Gelius, after which our manager will contact you to confirm all the details.

Delivery is carried out by New mail throughout Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, etc.)

Popular questions about safety glasses

How to stick a protective glass on your phone?

Prepare a place where it will be more convenient for you to glue the protective glass.
It is important that dust does not get under the glass, otherwise you will have to re-glue it several times, use scotch tape or leave dust particles and bubbles under the glass.

Prepare improvised means for gluing:

  • special liquid for cleaning the display, antistatic agent or simple alcohol;
  • microfiber napkin;
  • stationery tape;
  • scissors;
  • a scraper or a piece of plastic card.

Next, you need to align the glass by trying it on the display.
The purpose of this action is to check the coincidence of all holes and cutouts.

Degrease the display surface.
This will get rid of unnecessary streaks on the screen.

Check for dust.
Electrical tape or tape will allow you to remove the finest dust from the display.

Glue the glass to the smartphone screen.

  • It is necessary to lift the protective glass above the screen in a vertical position.
  • Carefully remove the protective layer from the glass.
  • Place it on the display.
  • From the center to the edges, spread the air bubbles with a plastic card or napkin.

What is the cost of protective glasses for the IPhone?

In the fall of 2021, the price of glass for the IPhone ranges from 99 to 1300 UAH.

Protective glass: which is better?

4D-7D - are considered the most high-tech types of tempered glass that adhere well, place and operate for a long time, if you do not take into account mechanical damage, impacts and falling of the phone on a hard surface. The curved edges of such glasses visually merge with the screen.

Where to buy protective glass on Xiaomi?

You can order protective glass online for different smartphone models: Xiaomi, Apple iPhone, Huawei, Oppo, Realme, Samsung in the official online store of the Ukrainian brand Gelius. After placing the order, our representative will contact you to confirm all the details.

Delivery is carried out by New mail throughout Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, etc.)