Protective glasses for Apple iPhone

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Protective glass for iPhone protects the display from mechanical damage and is called Glass Protector. Glasses are designed to preserve the integrity of the phone screen from various scratches, abrasions and drops.

For the production of such glasses, exceptionally good materials of high quality are used according to world standards and technologies. This allows you to change the glass quite rarely, about once every few years, if they have not been damaged and do not have chips.

Benefits of using protective glass for Apple iPhone smartphones

Thanks to the high-quality protective glass, you can provide additional protection for your device. After the purchase, it is recommended to immediately install the glass, which will protect the smartphone and its owner from various operational problems and, if necessary, easily replace it.

Good quality protective glass is a kind of guarantee for peaceful use of the iPhone in various devices.

IPhone smartphone displays are some of the most expensive items in terms of value. If the screen is broken and damaged, then replacement comes at a high cost. Therefore, additional protection is simply necessary to keep the user calm from unforeseen costs.

Availability of quality glass for iPhones is a very important advantage. Glass takes over mechanical and other damage, protecting the display itself and preventing its failure. If there is a need to replace the glass, then it will cost much less than replacing the display.

Types of protective glass covers for iPhones

Before buying protective glass, you should understand that it consists of several different layers that have a specific purpose:

  • Silicone coating – the primary type of layer due to which the glass is glued to the smartphone display quite tightly.
  • Retaining coating – a layer that is designed to protect the phone screen itself from drops, preventing cracks from deepening.
  • Anti-glare coating – provides the brightness of the display, keeping it at 60%.
  • Protective cover – one of the most important layers that protects the iPhone display from damage when dropped, taking the brunt of it. Glasses with this coating affect the price. Cheap glasses for mobile phones will not provide the safety of the display when dropped from a height, in contrast to more expensive options with a protective layer.
  • Oleophobic coating – It is a kind of outer layer that does not leave fingerprints and greasy stains on itself, it is also designed to protect against moisture and rain.

Safety glasses can be matte, glossy or private:

  • Matte – slightly distort the color rendition, while excluding the glare of light and sun.
  • Glossy - transparent glass that provides a clear picture, but does not eliminate glare.
  • Private - have a darkened look of glass, designed to protect information in a smartphone from prying eyes.

Protective glasses for Apple iPhone

Types of protective glasses for iPhone

The types of glasses for iPhones are as follows:

  • Transparent glass - covers the entire surface of the display completely and looks invisible. Transparent glass protection is provided for the display only.
  • 2.5D - stronger glass, which is designed to reliably protect the front case of the smartphone.
  • 3D-7D is a type of protective glass that is curved at the edges, providing durable protection for the screen and case. Such glasses have a high degree of hardness, which guarantees the confidence of protection against damage to the iPhone, even when dropped from a certain height.

4 tips on how to choose a protective glass for a specific iPhone model

Tip 1

Pay attention to the compatibility of the accessory with the iPhone model type.

Glasses are made for a specific line of phones, which is a very important point, since the glass must fully match the dimensions and required cutouts.

Tip 2

Density, thickness and hardness of glass.
The standard hardness index is 9H, it is indicated on the product page, as well as on the packaging. Protective glass with a hardness of 9H is designed for a high degree of protection of the iPhone from drops and mechanical damage. Such hard glasses do not in any way affect the sensitivity of the sensor and the transfer of colors.

Tip 3

Framed glass, clear or 3D-7D.
To reliably protect the display and the device itself, these types of tempered glass are the most high-tech.

Tip 4

Choosing glass from a brand compatible with iPhone.
The originality of the protective accessory is not so important, it is necessary to pay attention to the indications that a specific protective glass is designed for the iPhone model.
Non-original protective glasses from the official brand Gelius are not inferior in quality, while the cost, unlike original accessories, is significantly different.

How to stick protective glass at home?

  • Before you start gluing the protective glass to your smartphone, you need to prepare the place. It is very important that dust does not get under the glass in any way, so as not to re-glue it again.
  • Prepare all necessary adhesives: special liquid for display cleaning, microfiber cloth, scotch tape, scissors, plastic card or sticker.
  • Try on glass on your iPhone display so that all holes and cutouts line up.
  • Degrease the display surface to remove all unnecessary stains.
  • Check if dust remains on the display. Remove the last fine dust residues with scotch tape.
  • Lift the protective glass above the screen in a vertical position.
  • Remove the protective layer from the glass and stick it on the display.
  • From the center to the edges, spread the air bubbles with a plastic card or napkin.

Advantages of protective glasses from the Gelius brand

The Ukrainian brand of gadgets and mobile accessories Gelius was founded in 2018, creating quality products at prices for everyone who wants to keep up with the times.

In the catalog of the category of protective glasses for iPhone, there are offers of shock-resistant, reliable and diverse accessories. You can choose protective glasses from the Ukrainian brand according to various parameters, coatings and types. On the website of the official online store you can get expert advice and choose glass to protect your iPhone for a long time.

Where to buy protective glass for iPhone?

You can order protective glasses for various iPhone models: iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 10, iPhone 11 and others, as well as covers, chargers and batteries online for models of iPhones of different generations in the official online store of the Ukrainian brand Gelius. After placing the order, our representative will contact you to confirm all the details.

Delivery is carried out by New mail throughout Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, etc.)