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Wireless headphones: relevance today and design features

A wireless headset is an indispensable accessory for everyday listening to your favorite music. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies offer great opportunities for today's generation. To listen to audio files, games and communicate online, you no longer need to look for a headphone jack, which still needs to be untangled before use.

Wireless accessories can be connected to any devices that have a bluetooth module.

Benefits of Bluetooth Headphones

In addition to the convenience without unnecessary wires and cords, wireless accessories have many other advantages:

  • The period of use of wireless headphones significantly exceeds the service life of wired accessories. This is due to the fact that the wires are frayed, which leads to the failure of the headset.
  • Headphones can be used even when the case is charging.
  • Convenient control of various functions and volume control.
  • Modern wireless headphones are equipped with their own memory, which allows you to download tracks and playlists, while saving memory and battery level in your mobile phone.
  • Stylish accessory design.

Types of wireless headphones with Bluetooth connection

There are several types of wireless bluetooth headphones:

In-ear headphones - have a special design that is placed in the auricle, filling it. The location of these headphones is not deep, which is safe for the organ of hearing. The shape of the headset is universal, therefore it may not suit everyone: for some users, the problem in use occurs when the headphones fall out of the ears. To make sure they fit you, it is recommended to try on the accessory before buying.
In-ear headphones do not have a noise canceling function, so the user will hear the noise around them.

In-ear headphones (vacuum) - are placed in the ear canal and do a good job of soundproofing extraneous noise. The silicone eartips keep the earbuds snugly in your ears and won't fall out.

On-ear headphones are a wireless headset that is placed on the ears of a music lover. Fastening is carried out on the ears, headband, as well as the back of the head. The sound in these headphones is soft and pleasant, which does not harm hearing. On-ear headphones are often used by gamers or athletes, as they do not fall out of the ears, do not fall off and are completely immersed in musical compositions.

Over-ear headphones are an accessory that covers the ears completely. In terms of sound quality, they are comparable to "earbuds" - they reproduce the same clear and good sound without overloading the hearing organ. The only drawback of these headphones may be - the inconvenience due to the large size. Such a headset is often chosen for use at home or in the office.

Bone conduction headphones are a headset that does not block the ear canal, therefore, fixation and placement is carried out in the form of a headband. The vibration in the headphones is transmitted to the inner ear along the temporal bone. An unusual accessory for users that transmits sound from the outside by 100%.

How to choose wireless headphones with bluetooth connection: expert advice

Before purchasing a wireless accessory, it is very important to consider the various parameters of the device that affect performance, lifespan, and cost. You can choose for yourself or as a gift to loved ones the most suitable and optimal option, based on the advice of experts:

Types of fastening of a wireless headset.

Bluetooth headphones can have several types of attachment:

  • With a headband - a mount with a wide headband, which is possessed by full-size and overhead accessories.
  • Located on the neck - most often used in models of vacuum models and in "inserts", the connection takes place using a narrow bow.
  • Over the ears - in such headphones, the ear cups are fastened behind the auricle with the help of a special clip, earhooks or bow.
  • In-ear accessories - inherent in earbuds, as well as vacuum models. The earpiece is attached and held due to its design.

Bluetooth earphone

Types of sound radiation.

The definition of the sound itself and the ease of use are determined by the sound emitter. There are several types of emitters:

  • Dynamic emitter - available in almost all models of modern headphones. This type of radiation is suitable for both full-size accessories and compact mobile ones. Able to reproduce low, medium and high frequencies.
  • Radiator "Reinforcing" - has a speaker design that provides a high level of noise insulation. Such an emitter is used for professional headphone models, which are most often suitable for musicians.
  • Hybrid emitter - has powerful speakers that emit loud and bright music.
  • Isodynamic emitter (planar) - has the form of a built-in flat coil in the diaphragm. Such a radiator is capable of transmitting signals with maximum accuracy, covering a wide area of ​​sound. With such steep capabilities, there are very low sensitivity indicators.

Autonomy of work on one charge

The issue of autonomy is of interest to many users, because the battery life is the period of using the device without recharging.

The most time-resistant accessories are headphones with a built-in bluetooth module. Wi-Fi and infrared connections do not provide the same autonomy as Bluetooth connections.

Availability of additional functions

With the release of new wireless headphones with basic functions, manufacturers add additional functionality and features:

  • Moisture-proof or water-resistant - provides protection against moisture, splashes and dust, which allows some models to be used in the pool, as well as not be afraid to get them wet in the rain, during training in wet weather, and so on.
  • Voice control function - allows you to use an accessory with the ability to control the inclusion and switching of music tracks, stop them, change volume levels, receive calls using a voice command. Such devices can be designed to support popular Siri, as well as Google Assistant.
  • Noise reduction is a feature that allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks without extraneous noise and various sounds.
  • The presence of an LED indicator is a feature that allows you to see the alerting charge level and signal loss.
  • The material of the body of the device - affects the character of the sound of the headphones. For materials, metal or plastic is most often used, sometimes ceramics.

Type of headphones and external design

The choice of headphones is very diverse and for everyone there is a model according to personal preferences and taste. Headphones come in different shapes, designs and colors.

Where to buy cheap wireless headphones?

Wireless headphones have become an indispensable and necessary accessory for every day. Tangled wires for the smart generation are a thing of the past.

Prices for a wireless headset from any brand are in a fairly wide range. Like many other smart gadgets, headphones can have low, medium and high prices: from several hundred hryvnias to several thousand. An excellent solution with the possibility of saving will be the choice of headphones at prices from 700 UAH and above, such models will definitely serve you for quite a long time.

In the Gelius range of wireless accessories you will find many attractive devices with good and clear sound.

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5 reasons to choose Gelius Bluetooth headphones

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TOP 3 popular models of bluetooth headphones

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