Electric transport

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Electric scooters are original and interesting devices that provide an opportunity to move around the city, as a rule. Electric scooters have become a personal vehicle for many Ukrainians and users around the world. The devices are designed for both children and adults. Many models are able to quickly bring a passenger to work or on various matters at a fairly high speed.

Electric scooters are great for walking and commuting to work, office or school. Moving around the city becomes noticeably pleasant on such a personal transport. Fresh air and the ability to avoid traffic jams in public transport are some of the most significant benefits for users. For greater convenience of movement on a scooter, you can use backpacks for laptops and other necessary things (charger, power bank) during the day, so that your hands are free for more comfortable control of electric transport.

Electric transport of this format does not emit harmful emissions and substances and is very convenient for movement. You can charge the device from any outlet for 6 hours.

What are the models of electric scooters

Electric scooters of this format are of two types:

  1. One-piece - scooters with a monolithic frame, easy to manage and well stable for roads. Such scooters are silent, but storing and transporting this type is not always convenient.
  2. Folding - have a movable connection of the platform and the steering wheel of the scooter. When folded, such devices are easier to transport and store.

Also, electric scooters are divided according to the types of engines:

  1. Chain-type electric scooters - have a sufficiently high power, while parts can wear out quickly, and the chain makes a lot of noise. To install the chain, you must contact the service center to professionals.
  2. Electric transport with a motor wheel. More popular type among users, much more practical.

By type of drive, electric scooters are:

  • All-wheel drive - the engine is built into both wheels (front and rear), making this electric vehicle much more passable.
  • Driven front wheels. With this design, a quick start is possible, as well as easy handling on roads and corners, taking all the blows when traveling on bumpy roads.
  • Rear driven wheel. Allows you to move on bad roads, overcoming various slopes with greater ease, which leads to rapid wear.

The main characteristics of electric scooters

The most important elements of electric transport are their engines. Their power affects all important and necessary parameters: throughput, speed, and load capacity.

The main characteristics include the following:

  • Speed ​​level. The maximum level depends on the power of the scooter's electric motor. For children's models, motors are used - up to 120 W with a speed limit - up to 15 km / h. Adult models - up to 500 W with limits of 30-50 km / h.
  • Battery capacity. This factor affects the range: the higher the battery capacity, the greater the travel distance. For adult models, batteries with a minimum capacity level of 10 Ah are used. This will allow you to travel distances up to 35 kilometers.
  • Wheel diameters - affect the patency of the scooter on the roads, as well as its speed. The increased dimensions of the wheels of electric vehicles increase the level of speed, as well as the comfort of the trip. The optimal wheel sizes for good roads are 8-10 inches, for rough terrain - from 8 to 12.

Important design elements of an electric scooter are:

  • Deca for placement of legs (platform).
  • Height adjustable steering column.
  • Electric scooter steering wheel with the necessary levers (brake and gas).
  • The presence of a display that displays the necessary information.
  • Wheels with wings.

Type of brake system

The braking system in electric transport models can be systemic and electronic.

  • System (mechanical) in powerful models - has a classic scheme, where the rear wheel slows down the movement.
  • Electronic - allows you to recharge the scooter in the process of activating the brake. The electronic brake ensures a safe speed and a comfortable ride on crowded streets.

'Electric transport

The main criteria when choosing an electric scooter

When buying electric vehicles, it is important to consider several basic and important points:

  1. Who will move - a teenager or an adult.
    Electric scooters are designed for use by adults and children. Before buying such a device, you must determine the age category of the user. Permissible age for using personal transport - children from 7 years old are allowed, under the supervision of an adult.
  2. Road surface.
    Some models of electric vehicles are great for off-road, and some are only for smooth roads. In this case, it is important to look at the diameters of the wheels of the scooter before buying: for smooth asphalt, wheels with a diameter of 7 inches, from 10 are suitable - ideal for riding a scooter on bumpy routes.
  3. Approximate power reserve.
    This criterion determines the distance that the scooter covers on a full battery charge. Children's electric scooters can travel on a single charge - 8-20 km. Models for adult users from 30 to 90 km.
  4. The safety of electric vehicles is the most important criterion for purchasing such a device. When choosing it, you need to check the presence of reflectors, headlights, and also remember about protective equipment (helmet, elbow pads and knee pads).

Advantages of Gelius electric scooters

Electric transport from the Gelius brand has a well-thought-out design, a high level of comfort, speed and reliability. All devices in this category are designed based on the latest technology and safety standards.

Gelius electric scooters have been tested for quality and performance, taking into account all requirements. These devices are covered by a 1-year warranty from the official representative.

How much can an electric scooter cost?

Some models of unknown brands offer electric scooters at prices ranging from UAH 5,000 to UAH 80,000, due to a more powerful motor, improved equipment and can be designed for a maximum speed of 60-100 km/h.

More affordable and reliable models of electric transport can be considered at prices in Ukraine from 15 to 30 thousand hryvnias. The Gelius brand offers models at affordable prices. Such models have good functionality and interesting features, which will be quite enough for trips around the city.

How to buy an electric scooter cheap online

Before purchasing an electric vehicle, it is also important to pay attention to:

  • Power reserve, which we talked about above.
  • The presence of Clearance (clearance), which determines the distance between the deck and the ground. It is necessary to consider the parameters above in order to optimal cross-country ability for comfortable movement.
  • Climb angle (from 7 to 350 degrees) - indicates whether the scooter will be able to cope with descents and ascents.
  • The optimal time to charge the device is from 2 to 10 hours, depending on the requirements of the device.

An electric scooter must fit all user parameters: height, leg size, weight.

Specialists of the Gelius online store will provide advice and help you choose the right options for electric scooters for the price and the necessary parameters. You can order a call on the site or send the goods to the basket.

Delivery is possible throughout Ukraine (Kyiv, Lvov, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kherson and others) through New Mail. You can also see Gelius electric scooters presented in well-known technology and electronics hypermarkets and our other partners.