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Portable Chargers - Power Bank

A power bank - is a portable charger or external battery, designed to charge any gadgets, that may be discharged at an inopportune moment.

In the assortment of the Ukrainian brand Gelius, you will find at competitive prices devices for charging your smartphone, smart watches, wireless headphones, as well as for a laptop and any other devices.

Why buy a device?

Compared to mains chargers, an external battery includes the following features:

  • Charge gadgets in any convenient place without connecting to the power supply.
  • The power bank stores the received energy from the outlet for a long time. If you fully charge such a device, it can be used at any time, even after a few months.
  • The number of recharges of one device from a power bank can be from two or more times, depending on the capacity of its battery.
  • Compatibility with any device allows you to use from one universal USB connector.
  • The compactness and lightweight of the power bank allows you to place it even in the smallest pockets of a backpack and bag.

What gadgets is Power Bank suitable for?

Gelius Pro portable chargers are universal and designed to charge any device:

Power Bank

Criteria for choosing an external battery

Before buying a power bank, you need to pay attention to the main characteristics and determine how this device will be used and with what devices. The main selection parameters are shown below.

By gadget type.
The power bank is designed to charge any modern devices that support USB charging (smartphone, laptop, smart watch and fitness bracelet, Bluetooth speaker and player, headphones and other portable devices).

By type of container.
This indicator determines the number of charges of your gadgets from an external battery. In order to understand how many full charges will be obtained according to specific capacity criteria, the power bank's capacity indicator should be correlated with the battery capacity of the device that you plan to charge:

  • a smartphone with a 3000 mAh battery requires a power bank capacity of 6000 mAh;
  • more powerful gadgets require an external battery capacity of 10000-12000 mAh;
  • to charge a laptop or MacBook, devices with a capacity much higher - 18000-20000 mAh, with a required output voltage of 12-19 V.

By current strength.
The output voltage of the external battery must be suitable for the connected devices. Standards for charging gadgets:

  • telephones - 1A;
  • tablets - up to 2A;
  • to charge several different devices, you need a version of the model with two connectors - 1A and 2A.

By the type of battery Power Bank.
Batteries in portable chargers are:

  • lithium-ion (Li-ion);
  • lithium polymer (Li-pol).

As for the material of the case, plastic, soft alloy or metal are often used, which is heavier in weight and more protected from shock and mechanical damage. The case is waterproof, which makes the price of the device higher.

Weight and dimensions. The higher the battery capacity, the larger and heavier the external battery.

Benefits of buying from the Gelius online store

Gelius is a Ukrainian brand of gadgets and mobile accessories, which was founded in 2018 and managed to establish itself among users, creating quality products at affordable prices. The goods are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase in the online store of the official Gelius brand.

In the assortment of the Power Bank category, you will find many interesting options for yourself and your friends. The power banks of the Gelius brand have a unique, stylish design. In our online store you can apply any logo to your devices. You can find out the cost of printing from our operators, who will answer all your questions and provide professional advice.

Top 5 Gelius Pro power banks to buy


Device Compatibility

Power Bank Gelius Pro CoolMini 2 PD GP-PB10-211 9600mAh Green

9600 mAh
599 UAH

Power Bank Gelius Pro Edge (V2PD.QC) GP-PB10-006 10000 mAh Gray

10000 mAh


649 UAH

Gelius Pro Wireless Power GP-PBW100 10000mAh Black

10000 mAh
Universal / Wireless Charging Function
699 UAH

Powerbank Gelius Pro Edge 3 PD GP-PB20-210 20000mAh Dark Blue

799 UAH

Powerbank Krazi KZ-PB001 Air MaQ 20000mAh Silver

Universal (Laptops, MacBooks)
1999 UAH

How to order a power bank?

You can place an order on the official website of the Gelius brand by choosing a portable charger, after which the operator will contact you to confirm the details.

We work throughout Ukraine, delivery is carried out in all cities by New mail (Chernigov, Lutsk, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, Vinnitsa, etc.)