Smart Watch Accessories

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Types of accessories for smart watches

Smart watches are devices that were originally developed as a type of wrist accessory. To date, the device has been able to become one of the most useful assistants for every day, providing not only a health monitoring function, but also duplicating some of the functions of a smartphone.

One of the big and nice benefits of smartwatches is the ability to choose spare straps or replace worn ones. You can also purchase a charging cable from the Smart Watch accessories category if it has been lost or damaged.

It often happens that the strap can break or wear out over time. In this case, there is no need to change the watch for a new one, it is enough to purchase new straps. Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors and strap materials. Also, many users, when buying a device, immediately purchase spare ones in a different color in order to change them according to their mood.

Children's smartwatch straps may need to be replaced more often, as the child is in constant motion, which affects the wear of the accessory more quickly.

The charger for smart watches has a standard type of cable that fits individually for each model of the device and is included in the package when buying. Accordingly, in case of mechanical damage or loss of the cable, you can purchase it separately from the official representative.

Smart watch straps

Smart watch straps are popular accessories that can emphasize the taste and style of the user, complement the image, and also visually change the look of the watch itself. Interchangeable straps are in demand by everyone: women and men, teenagers and children. While men prefer darker shades, women often buy both light and dark colors.

For those who like to change accessories according to their mood, you can collect a collection of different straps by color and material. A variety of choices will allow you to choose accessories for different outfits.

How to choose smart watch accessories?

First of all, when choosing removable straps or chargers for your smart watch, you need to focus on the main characteristics and parameters. If you have purchased a specific model of smart watch, then it is important to select the appropriate accessories.

The selection by color, for example, is an individual decision of the user. Similarly, the choice of materials. It is important to understand what you would like and what fallback options will suit you.

Smart Watch Accessories

Chargers for smart watches

Before buying a charger, it is important to remember that all smartwatches are universal. This means that they are all different from each other. Considering, for example, a fitness bracelet from Xiaomi, you can understand that different generations of bracelet lines have different charges. Each manufacturer is trying to improve not only devices, but also accessories for them for the purpose of convenience. Therefore, it is important to check with the seller about chargers for a particular model.

Before buying an accessory for smartwatches, you need to pay attention to the criteria for choosing the right one:

  • Bracelet sizes.
    You need to pay attention to this parameter. The strap should fit your wrist. The case for the device itself must accurately accommodate the gadget. Protective films and glasses, in turn, must comply with the display parameters.
  • Compatibility.
    Any accessories (glass, film, strap, charger) must be compatible with specific device models.
  • Materials.
    Most often, manufacturers for straps use materials made of silicone, leather, metal or polymer. Protective glasses and films, as well as for smartphones, are made of several layers (multilayered) for reliable protection. Materials must be of high quality and hypoallergenic.

Straps from the Gelius brand are universal and fit specific models of adult and children's smart watches. You can choose accessories from this category according to the color palette, according to the size and width of the wrist. All presented products from this category are anti-allergenic and safe. They are easy enough to change at home, so you can buy several different colors at once.

Where to buy a smart watch strap?

Models of children's and adult smart watches, as well as accessories for them, can be purchased at good prices on the page of the official Gelius online store. The order is placed online, and our call center representative will call you back to agree on the details.

Delivery is available throughout Ukraine thanks to the courier delivery service New Mail (Odessa, Lviv, Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, etc.). Shipping costs are calculated according to the carrier's rates. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of free delivery in the "Payment and Delivery" section or check with the store manager.

Are Gelius straps and chargers suitable for smartwatches from other brands?

Straps and chargers from the Ukrainian brand Gelius are suitable for specific models of devices from the presented line on the site.

5 reasons to choose Gelius smart watch accessories

Product quality control. All Gelius products have a guarantee and quality certificates.

A wide range of goods and the presence of our own warehouse - allows us to choose for you exactly those useful products that you are looking for. We improve our products and introduce fresh ideas for future innovations.

A narrow specialization in the sale of gadgets and mobile accessories ensures regular study of the needs of customers and the presentation of the necessary devices at affordable prices.

We provide our users with favorable prices for accessories for smart watches, as well as accessories for smartphones of various brands.

Efficiency of delivery throughout Kiev and Ukraine is a mandatory rule in our work. We strive to process your order as quickly as possible. Delivery time in Ukraine from 1 to 3 days.

TOP 3 popular accessories for smart watches

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Strap for Smart Watch Gelius Pro Neo Star Line Blue
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Charging cable for Smart Watch Gelius Pro IHEALTH 2020
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