Thermal bottles

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Thermal bottle: what is it and why is it needed

Thermal bottles are a kind of utensils for drinking and transferring water in the form of a glass or a thermos bottle with a lid, structurally made to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside. In addition, you can find many original bottles to maintain the temperature, combining interesting functionality, as well as the convenience of conventional bottles and the environmental friendliness of a thermos.

Currently, thermo devices are in high demand among athletes, schoolchildren, students and office workers. Given the saturation of life, such devices allow you to keep tea hot, and water at an acceptable temperature according to individual preferences. The trick of the thermos bottle is to maintain the temperature for a certain long time.

Scope of water bottle

The most important question that arises when choosing thermal bottles is where and how it can be used. Its main characteristics depend on this question.

You can use such devices during sports activities and training, for walking, picnics, fishing and hiking, during the working day, while traveling, on business trips, to school and so on.

Thermo gadgets should be as convenient as possible to use and transport. Manufacturers rely on this, because the devices are mostly compact in size, light in weight, have a sealed lid so that tea or water does not spill into the bag.

Sports thermal bottles are often thought out to the smallest detail. For example, for cyclists, convenient thermal bottles are considered to be flattened shapes with a special fixing ring, as well as a holder for a bike holder.

For every day use, a regular bottle format was invented, with a sufficient capacity for water of 0.5-1 liter, as well as with any pretty design to taste.

The most practical options, according to user reviews, are water bottles with a thermos function, which is useful in cold and rainy weather.

Types of thermal bottles

Today you can find a wide selection of a wide variety of thermal bottles. Many of them have a list of specific characteristics, as well as scope. The most popular types:

  • A thermo mug is a small copy of a thermos, designed to take it with you. The volume of such mugs can be from 250 to 700 ml. The mug format has an interesting approach to support the environment, as you can take it for a walk and use it instead of cardboard coffee cups. Thermal mugs can store heat from 4 to 5 hours (due to the small volume).
  • Thermal bottle - have the shape of a thermos and are made in the format of bottles. Such bottles are made of good quality plastic with a well-thought-out double-walled design. The thermo bottle option is perfect for training and walking. Volumes do not exceed 700 ml. Unlike thermal mugs, bottles are more airtight.
  • A thermal flask is an analogue of thermal bottles, in which narrow necks are provided. Basically, metal is used for materials, the volume is up to 2 liters.
  • Electric thermos - rare instances of thermoses, which are designed to maintain the temperature of the liquid, as well as to warm up the cooled drink. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged from the mains or power bank.

Varieties in size.

The capacity of thermal bottles for water is small. Average volumes are 0.5 liters, which is convenient for use by one person.

Materials of thermal bottles for drinking and appearance

  • For thermal bottles, rather strong, food-grade stainless steel is most often used. This allows you to use thermal bottles for active walks.
    The food grade steel does not interact with acidic juices, is easy to clean after coffee and tea drinks, does not leave odors and does not affect the liquid inside. Metal water bottles are suitable for schoolchildren, office workers and active people who like to walk and travel.
    The outer metal wall can be painted, which makes it possible to choose any design: plain, with drawings, and the like. The color palette of such thermoses is diverse.
  • Other thermal bottles are made of plastic. The price of such options is cheaper, and the variety of choices in appearance is just as wide. Plastic thermo bottles are not as durable as metal ones (the temperature is not kept too long).

Thermo bottles

Benefits of Gelius thermo bottles

Smart thermal bottles from the Ukrainian brand are useful devices that not only maintain the water balance in the human body, but also sterilize the liquid, removing harmful microbes from it.

An ultraviolet emitter is installed on the cover of the smart gadget, which filters and purifies water, making it clean within three minutes. This process is displayed on the led screen of the lid. This is especially useful if you are planning to buy a thermal bottle for children.

The smart thermal bottle has an attractive appearance and is available in two colors - black and white, practical for use in hands and compact for movement (fits in a woman's handbag, a child's or adult's backpack, puts it in a cup holder in a car, and so on).

There is a charging port on the cap of the thermal bottle. The cable is provided in the package along with instructions and a warranty card, which is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Regular and timely charging of the thermal bottle will allow you to activate the water sterilizer at the right time. This sterilizer, located on the lid, also allows you to disinfect any items (keys, smartphone, headphones, and so on).

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How to choose a drinking bottle: 3 tips

Before placing an order for a thermal bottle for yourself, children or as a gift to friends, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following recommendations:

Tip #1

When choosing a thermal bottle, it is important to pay attention to:

  • Its stability - an excessively narrow bottom of the bottle will lead to constant falls and overturning of the thermal bottle.
  • The cap or cork should fit snugly on the bottle and also be easy to unscrew. If this is not taken into account, the thermal bottle may not keep the temperature of the liquid well. If the buttons are thought out in the lid, then they should be easy to press.
  • Appearance - should correspond to the tastes of the user, relying, in this case, should be on individual preferences.

Tip #2

When choosing a smart thermal bottle, you should consider what characteristics will be useful, as well as practical to use for every day.

Tip #3

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the materials of the smartbottle are of high quality, and that a guarantee is provided for products from the manufacturer. Cheap thermal bottles of dubious quality can cause allergic reactions and have a destructive effect on the body in general.

Where to buy a thermal bottle in Kiev and Ukraine?

You can buy smart thermal bottles in the online store of the official Ukrainian brand Gelius. You can place an order and get advice on our website at the indicated numbers.

Delivery of Gelius smart bottle is possible to all cities and regions of Ukraine - Kiev, Dnipro, Lvov, Odessa, Kharkov and others. You can pay for the order upon receipt or by credit card online.

When buying a Gelius thermal bottle, you can also purchase chargers, a power bank and smart gadgets for sports: a smart jump rope, scales, smart watches and much more.