Micro USB cables

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Micro USB cables description and application

It is unlikely that in our world, where technology is progressing, one can imagine life without a mobile phone or tablet. In order for them to work, it is obvious that you need to remember to charge the electronics. For correct charging, only three components are required: the mains charger, the micro USB cable and, of course, the socket.

Universal Serial Bus (universal serial bus) is the decrypted abbreviation of the famous cable, the USB connector of which is familiar to all users. Such a cable is the standard for an external cord cable for the ability to connect various portable devices: PC, smartphone, laptop, power bank, etc.

Today many devices have to be connected, connected and charged on an ongoing basis. For fast data transfer, there are wired or wireless ports. Wired ports have specific format connectors.

Micro USB cable classification

There are several types of USB cables, depending on the compatibility with different devices. They can be classified by size, connector type, type, shape, length, materials:

By the shape of the connector – cables have several types of connectors suitable for smart devices.

These include:

  • Micro USB - designed for the connectors of many smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system.
  • USB Type-C is a convenient type of connector that is used in almost all new mobile devices.
  • Apple Lightning - a type of USB connector that is designed for use only with Apple technology.

Micro USB and Type-C connectors differ only in shape. The connector does not affect the baud rate. The convenience of Type-C is that it can be used to recharge the mobile by either side, which has a positive effect on preventing mechanical damage to the plug and the socket itself.

By the length and shape of the cord.

The shape of USB cables can be:

  • flat - compact cables that take up little space and practically do not get tangled;
  • round - the most common type of cables, the minus of which is the tendency to tangling;
  • twisted - long cables, which are most often used in the car interior.

The speed of charging and data transfer is affected by the length of the cable. The standard for optimal length is 1.5 meter cable.

When charging a mobile phone from a power bank, a short cable is more suitable - 30-40 cm.Long cords are more suitable for use in a car, as well as in the case of a tedious location of the outlet (when the outlet is too low (high), or far from furniture (where convenient to charge gadgets).

Micro USB cables description and application

Fit to USB cable.

Most often, among the range of USB cables, you can find:

  • Standard type;
  • Mini format - more often used to recharge old smartphones;
  • Micro - is a universal connector and is often used in modern mobile phones.

Mini and Micro USB - they may look similar in appearance, but they are completely different connectors, since they are designed to perform different functions.

By connector type.

A connector - is the part of a connector that carries out the mission of connecting the conductors of a cable.

In terms of quality and materials used.

It is also important to pay attention to the braiding of the cord before purchasing. Most often, for the material, manufacturers use:

  • plastic;
  • silicone;
  • metal;
  • nylon;
  • skin;
  • the cloth.

The most reliable are cables made of plastic material, hardy - metal. Fabric, in turn, is considered a good material, average in endurance between metal and plastic.

Basic Guidelines for Choosing a Micro USB Charging Cable

Before buying a cable, you need to pay attention to some criteria that will ensure productive work, quality charging, as well as a good service life.

Selection recommendations:

  • Select the correct connector, so that the cable probably goes to a mobile device and is useful for charging gadgets with the same connectors as in a smartphone.
  • Decide on the length of the cord.
    It is necessary to understand for what purpose the selected cable will be used, since it has a fairly wide scope. The cable can connect various devices to a computer, it is also needed to charge mobile devices, transfer various files (photo, video, sound, etc.).
  • Appearance.
    The USB cables look the same visually. There are different colors or lengths of cable to choose from, but the first thing to really look out for is the quality.

Where to buy a 100 cm Micro USB charging cable

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5 reasons to choose a Micro USB cable from the Ukrainian brand Gelius

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TOP 3 Popular Micro USB Charging Cables

Micro USB cable



Universal USB cable 6 in 1 Gelius Pro Unimog GP-UC510 Black

Length - 1 meter
Connector - Apple Lightning, Micro USB, Type-C

UAH 299

USB Cable Gelius Pro Squid GP-UC102 3in1 (MicroUSB/Lightning/Type-C) Black (2.1A)

Length - 1 meter
Output current - 2.1 A
Connector - Apple Lightning, Micro USB, Type-C

UAH 239

Cable Gelius Pro G-Power GP-UC105 Type-C / Type-C Black (100W)

Length - 1 meter
100W for charging
Fast charging
Connector - Type-C

UAH 279