Type C cables

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USB Type-C cable: what kind of cable is it and where it is used

USB Type-C cable is a common connector standard for modern devices. This connector format is universal, multifunctional and, what is most pleasant for users, symmetrical. This design allows you to call it convenient, due to the reduction of the risk of damage to the socket in the device, as well as the cable plug itself.

The development of Type-C cables is taking place under the standard of the new USB connector specification, the number of which is denoted - 3.1.

A cable with a Type-C connector has reversible connectors, in other words, symmetrical vertically, which allows you to use the connector on either side. Also, the cable is designed for a fairly fast data transfer rate - 10 Gbps. Also power is - 100 W.

What types of Type-C cable connectors are distinguished?

A connector is a specific part of a connector that allows you to connect the conductors of a cable:

  • USB-C is an input connector.
  • The output connector, in turn, is also USB-C or its combination with connectors: USB-A, Apple Lightning, HDMI, Micro USB, Thunderbolt, VGA or mini jack 3.5 mm.

Main functions of Type-C cable

A cable with a Type-C connector is practical to use, and its main features include:

  • Charging smart gadgets.
  • Data transfer from PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, portable speakers, Power Bank, etc.

USB-Type C cables for mobile phones

How to choose a USB Type-C cable

When choosing cables, it is of paramount importance to be guided by the parameters and capabilities of the device with which you will operate it, as well as to understand the purpose of the cable. Main criteria to look out for:

By format.
The correct format will affect the power received for recharging devices such as a laptop or tablet. Some model compatibility may vary: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 (Gen 2). Adapters, in turn, allow you to output various data (HDMI, VGA, Thunderbolt, DisplayPort, Ethernet and others) from the Type-C slot.

By wire type.
The cable can be of a standard type or a combination.

By lenght.
The length should allow the cable to remain free between devices, without any tension and chafing, which increase the risk of mechanical damage.

By form.
You can choose any cable. It can be flat, twisted or round.

By voltage.
The current generated from the device is indicated in amperes (A) and is indicated in the parameters and on the cable packaging. Data transfer as well as charging speed depend directly on the maximum bandwidth.

By power.
It is recommended to consider the maximum possible cable power.

Based on materials.
The materials from which Type-C cables are made also affect the data transfer rate as well as the sound quality. The outer coating and the level of resistance to various kinks are influenced by the cable sheath. Most often used for it:

  • Plastic.
  • Metal.
  • Textiles.
  • Leather.

In this case, you should focus on personal preferences.

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Where is it better to buy a USB Type-C cable for fast charging with delivery in Ukraine?

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TOP 3 popular charging cables with Type-C connector

Cable model


Cable Gelius Pro G-Power GP-UC105 Type-C/Type-C Black (100W)

279 UAH

USB Cable Gelius Pro Unimog 2 GP-UC106 4in1 (USB-A/Type to Type-C/Lightning) PD Black (18W)

248 UAH

USB Cable Gelius Pro Squid GP-UC102 3in1 (MicroUSB/Lightning/Type-C) Black (2.1A)

239 UAH