AUX cables to the car

Cable type

Many motorists know what an AUX cable is because they themselves use it while driving. This is a wire with which you can connect smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices to the car radio, for example, to listen to music.

Once upon a time they used cassettes/disks for this, but now everything has become even more convenient. Simply connect your phone or MP3 player via an Aux cable to the device (there is a corresponding connector in the radio) and select audio files to play.

The cord is suitable for car radios produced after 2005 - all models already have an AUX input (devices produced earlier did not have it).

How to choose an AUX cable?

The AUX cord is considered universal - it can be used to connect different devices with audio files. It is simple and convenient to use.

When choosing a product, the following characteristics are important:

  1. Connector type. There are several of them for Aux - 2.5/3.5 TRS, 3.5 TRRS. The connectors of the cable and the connected device must match;
  2. Workmanship. In order for the Aux cable to serve for a long time and transmit sound without interference, it must be made of durable materials. Lossless signal transmission will be ensured by reliable insulation;
  3. Length. It all depends on the user's needs. A short cord is suitable if the devices to be connected are close to each other. For long distances it is better to buy a long wire;
  4. Availability of shielding. With it, external signal interference is not a problem - the sound quality will remain high.

Before purchasing, it is important to decide for what purpose the cord is needed, what devices will be connected, in order to understand what functionality is needed.

AUX Cable Types

What is popularly called the audio input/output wire is the AUX cable. Its standard connector is 3.5 mm. It is found in most modern devices - smartphones, players, tablets, audio systems.

Cords may differ in the following parameters:

  • connector type – mono/stereo;
  • cable material – aluminum/copper;
  • insulation – rubber/plastic;
  • length – short (1m)/long (5m).

Also, the Aux wire can have “female-female” or “female-male” connectors. In the first case, it can be used to connect devices with the same types of connectors, and in the second - with different ones.

You need to pay attention to this when choosing a cord so that it can fulfill its main task - connecting two devices for transmitting sound.

How to connect the AUX cable?

If you decide to order an Aux cord for your car, then you need to know the rules for connecting it to the car radio. The sequence of actions here is as follows:

  • find the cable connector on the radio panel and insert one wire plug;
  • the other side connects the cord to a smartphone or other device;
  • select audio files on the device and turn on playback.

In order for the sound to come not from the gadget, but from the speakers of the radio, you need to activate the AUX mode - select the appropriate input as the sound source. The whole procedure takes a few minutes, after which you can enjoy music or listen to other audio recordings in the car.

Problems with AUX cables

When deciding to buy an AUX cable for your car, you should remember that the sound may not be entirely ideal. Part of this depends on the signal transmission conditions, and this is influenced by the quality and characteristics of the wire.

The second nuance is that the stereo system to which the gadget is connected does not process the signal, but only transmits it. This is similar to how headphones work, only the sound goes through the Aux cable to the car radio amplifiers, and then to the speakers.

During use, the cord can be accidentally damaged, in which case it needs to be repaired, if possible, or replaced with a new one - it all depends on the specific situation.

A common problem is cable breaking. The break can be anywhere, but the weakest part is considered to be the area near the connector. By purchasing an AUX for your car in our online store, you will receive a product with enhanced cable protection in vulnerable places, which will extend its service life.

Where can I buy an AUX cable at a profit in Ukraine?

If you are looking for where to inexpensively buy an AUX cord from the manufacturer, made from high-quality materials that are resistant to mechanical damage, then in our online store you will find the necessary product. You can choose a product with enhanced cable protection with a straight or L-shaped connector (the shape does not affect the price) and order it at any convenient time on the website or by contacting the manager by telephone.

Regardless of where you are - in Kyiv or in another city of Ukraine (in state-controlled territory), delivery is carried out by Nova Poshta. The cost of the service is according to the carrier’s tariffs.

Orders over UAH 1,500 paid online are delivered free of charge.

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