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Gamepad for the phone: what is it and how to choose

A gamepad for a mobile phone is a gaming gadget designed to work with a smartphone, laptop or computer for games. Modern phones could become full-fledged devices for popular games.

Gamepad for smartphones is presented as a convenient device, the purpose of which is to expand the functionality and capabilities of the phone in game mode. Previously, games on phones were much simpler and less technically demanding, but today the gaming industry has been able to interest players of all ages with its thoughtfulness, modern graphics, complex plots, and well-drawn characters.

Most often, gamepads are purchased by experienced gamers, as well as those who just want to get acquainted with the world of exciting games.

Game controllers: types and features

Most often, when buying devices for gaming, there are two popular devices - a gamepad or a joystick. The main features, appearance and functionality are the points that will distinguish the gamepad from the joystick.

The Gamepad is a type of game controller that has buttons designed for two-handed gaming. A joystick is similar to a gear lever in a car, but it has a set of triggers and keys (used for one-handed play).

For more tips on choosing the right joysticks, see our article "How to choose a gamepad for your smartphone and PC?".

Key factors for choosing a gaming device for a smartphone

These recommendations will be useful for both novice players and experienced gamers. Manufacturers regularly develop new models of gamepads with improved interface and functionality.

Criteria for compatibility of the gamepad with the phone

For the full value of the game and the correct operation of the two gadgets, it is necessary to check their compatibility by key parameters, as well as by the operating system. Therefore, before buying a device, you should familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the Gamepad and make sure that it will work with Android, iOS and other operating systems.

Connection types

When considering a wired gamepad for gaming on computers or laptops, the right decision when choosing will be to take into account all the intricacies of the requirements of games, including additional features.

The wireless connection method is universal and more suitable for smartphone gaming. Wireless connection provides connection of 2 devices via Bluetooth.

Gamepads for phone

Gamepad controls and keys

The keys on a gamepad should be pleasant to use and easy to press in game modes. It should be borne in mind that gamepads can have a variety of interfaces and formats for gaming, as well as multimedia keys with the ability to light and vibrate.

Smartphone mount

The mobile phone holder can securely fix the device on the joystick, and also adjust the gamepad itself. Most modern joysticks provide holders for mounting mobile phones with different diagonals, which allows you to play even on tablets (some models).

Joystick Battery

Wireless format devices tend to discharge during operation after a certain period of use. When buying a device, it is important to look at the battery capacity and the amount of play time without charging. In some cases, this time may be 15 hours.

Additional gamepad features

Manufacturers can equip gaming gadgets with complementary and useful features (for example, cooling a mobile phone during a game).

Gamepad control options depending on gaming preferences

For most games, 8 to 10 controller elements are enough for users. When choosing a device, pay attention to the D-pad key. For fighting games, it is recommended to purchase a gamepad with a split d-pad, as the split version allows you to use even more different algorithms for attacks.

Gamepad Benefits

  1. Ergonomic design (modern look and comfortable button layout).
  2. Ease of use in any place (you can play on the couch, on the road, in between study or work).
  3. Low cost (functional and high-quality gamepads can be purchased at a relatively low price).
  4. High quality materials. All joysticks from the Gelius brand are made of high-quality ABS plastic with a textured finish.

Where to buy a joystick for the phone?

You can purchase any gamepad you like for a smartphone, as well as Power Bank, chargers and much more on the official website of the Ukrainian brand Gelius. Our experts will provide you with advice and place an order.

The Gelius brand was founded in 2018. The main idea of the company is to provide original and quality products at competitive prices. All products presented on the website of the Ukrainian brand have a guarantee of good quality.

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Useful devices for gamers

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