Protective glasses for Xiaomi

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Xiaomi mobile phones are one of the most popular devices that, like smartphones of any other brand, need display protection. In order to avoid scratches and cracks of the screen, it is recommended to use protective glass, which will prevent mechanical damage and protect against consequences after falls.

As part of protective glasses, silicone is most often used, which allows the glass to fit snugly to the smartphone and a restraining layer that resists impacts.

Features of protective glasses Xiaomi

Xiaomi protective glasses are glued directly to the display surface and are designed to keep the screen and sensor from various kinds of damage.

Every year new models of Xiaomi phones are released, which are very productive and practical to use. The durability of the case and display of new models of smartphones and those that are already in use is extended by protective glasses and covers.

Major damage that prevents the presence of a protective film on a Xiaomi smartphone

The main task of a protective glass or film is to protect the display from various abrasions, scratches, chips and other damages, including shocks and falls. In terms of material and composition, protective glass is much stronger than film, which is designed to protect only from scratches. Major damages include:

  • Mechanical damage (from falls, shocks).
  • Light and deep scratches on the display (when carried in a bag or pocket with other items, such as keys).
  • Chips from mechanical damage.
  • Scuffs on the smartphone screen, which may appear from careless use, dirt or dust.

Xiaomi protective glasses

Types of protective glasses for Xiaomi

The types of glass that provide protection for your smartphone include:

  • Oleophobic type of coating that repels various greasy stains and differs from other types in sufficient thickness.
  • Tempered glass - manufactured at high temperatures and provide high resistance to various types of damage.
  • 2.5-7D effects - protective glasses, which can be of different curvature, depending on the models of Xiaomi smartphones. Such glasses have several layers of films in the glass itself.
  • Frosted coated glass - no glare and no mirror effect. Such glasses are considered even more beneficial for eye health, because the burden on vision is less, compared to other types of glasses. At the same time, the vividness of the image is duller than in glossy glass.
  • Glossy safety glasses. They have a shiny coating and sufficient brightness transmission.
  • Transparent glasses - similar to glossy coated glasses, although they do not shine. They have a thinner layer, due to which they provide protection only from scratches.

How to choose a protective glass for Xiaomi smartphones: the main criteria

The main criteria for the search and selection of glass for the screen are:

  • Compatibility of protective glass with a mobile phone. The glass must match the dimensions of the display, as well as the various connectors for the camera and sensors.
  • Basic parameters (glass color, equipment). Glass should be chosen according to the color of the phone case or case. The delivery set includes a standard set: glass, alcohol cloth for cleaning the screen, microfiber cloth, special sticker for dust.
  • Thickness and hardness of glass.
  • Glossy or matte finish.

Protective glasses for Xiaomi smartphones: where it is profitable to choose?

You can order protective glass for Xiaomi phones online in the official online store of the Gelius brand. We also recommend that you consider buying other useful goods for your phone: a case, chargers and batteries. After placing an order, our experienced manager will contact you to confirm the details.

Delivery is carried out by the delivery service New mail within 1-3 days throughout Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lvov, etc.).

5 reasons to choose Xiaomi protective glasses from the Ukrainian brand Gelius

  1. Ukrainian brand of gadgets and mobile accessories Gelius was founded in 2018, creating quality products.
  2. Narrow specialization in the sale of smart gadgets and mobile accessories.
  3. A large number of sold safety glasses and positive feedback from customers.
  4. Favorable and affordable prices for all users.
  5. Prompt ordering and fast delivery to any city in Ukraine.

Popular models of Xiaomi smartphones and protective glasses for them

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Safety glass Gelius Pro 3D для Xiaomi Mi9 Black
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Safety glass Gelius Pro 3D для Xiaomi Redmi 8 Black
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Safety glass Gelius Pro 5D Full Cover Glass for Xiaomi Mi 11
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Safety glass Gelius Pro 3D для Xiaomi Redmi K30 Black
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