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Smart scales are a modern multifunctional device for obtaining the most advanced information on body control and health indicators. To keep the body in good shape in order to choose the right nutrition and training, this is a very useful device. Smart scales will become an indispensable assistant with ample opportunities.

For athletes and sportswomen, as well as people who want to improve the quality of health by raising it to the highest level, smart scales will become a detailed consultant for competent weight loss, muscle gain and other important indicators in order to analyze the physical condition of the body. Smart scales will allow you to choose the right approach for doing sports, while maintaining and tracking the entire process. Given the current capabilities of such technology, the devices are able to remember and distinguish all users of the family.

The reason for the popularity of smart scales among buyers

Today, sports and a healthy lifestyle are gaining more and more relevance for many women and men. More and more people are beginning to think about their health. And smart scales and other useful smart gadgets for monitoring water balance, physical activity, sleep quality, and so on, help to keep track of the necessary parameters of the body.

Benefits of diagnostic smart scales

Unlike simple scales that have long been familiar to us, a smart gadget has practical functionality and very interesting features. Smart scales with diagnostics allow you to determine the structural composition of the body using electrical resistance in tissues (bioimpedancemetry).

On the surface of smart scales there are sensors that read all the parameters when the user places their feet on them. The technique is quite thought out: impulses that are safe for humans pass through the whole body, reading all the data that can be studied in detail in the application. The accuracy of the data depends on correctly observed simple rules of operation. The Gelius brand brings to your attention a multifunctional model of smart scales with 15 different measurements.

Scales are very easy to use, and the cost is affordable for anyone.

The main functionality of floor smart scales

The main feature, both in conventional and smart diagnostic scales, is the reading of body weight. But smart scales are designed to receive more information:

  • Determination of body mass index.
  • Measurements of mass, fat, subcutaneous fat.
  • Determining the percentage of liquid.
  • Measurements of human muscle and bone mass.
  • Determination of the level of protein mass.
  • Calorie calculation.
  • Determination of the biological age of the organism and the human body.

Also, many models have a number of additional various functions, which are described in detail in a special application for the phone. The presence of a mobile application is necessary for the correct operation of the scale.

Smart scales

How do Floor Type Smart Scales work?

In addition to the main and basic function of weighing, as we have already discussed above, floor scales can be designed to assess the structure of the body. The scales are designed according to a certain algorithm and there are special biosensors on the platform that provide all the information about the user's body. This provides an excellent opportunity to avoid connecting additional medical electrodes to different parts of the body.

Bioimpedance assessment fully diagnoses the body, determining all of the above functions and parameters.

To obtain the most accurate and correct information, you should follow the elementary rules of use:

  • The device must be placed on a hard, level floor.
  • On the surface of the scales, it is important to become bare feet, removing shoes and socks. Feet must be dry.
  • It is necessary to stand straight, waiting for a full calculation within a few seconds.
  • You need to use the device regularly, at the same time of day.
  • Manufacturers do not recommend weighing if there is a lack of liquid or an excess of it in the body.
  • Before using a smart gadget, you need to connect it to your smartphone via bluetooth connection, after which all data will be uploaded to the application cloud.

Materials for the production of smart floor scales

For the manufacture of smart scales, a variety of tempered glass and plastic is most often used. Some models from expensive categories of floor scales can be made of wood or stone, while affecting their severity.

Glass materials are more reliable than plastic models.

Who should not use a smart scale?

Given that the device passes an electrical impulse through the user's body, manufacturers do not advise pregnant women and people with heart rate stimulators to use the scale without prior approval from the doctor.

Tips for using smart scales

For a correct understanding and obtaining accurate data, it is important to study the instructions for the product, as well as take care of the device, replace batteries in time, and so on.

  1. Instructions are provided in the kit.
  2. The balance should not be placed on slippery or wet surfaces or on carpets (incorrect placement leads to very significant reading errors).
  3. Do not stand on the device with wet feet.
  4. It is recommended to place your feet in the middle of the surface of the smart scale.
  5. If the balance is dirty, wipe the stains with a damp cloth or soft cloth without the use of chemicals.
  6. Smart scales cannot be submerged in water.
  7. If the batteries are unusable (if they were in the scales that were not used for a long period), you need to pull them out of the device case so that they do not damage the gadget case and damage the contacts.

Where to buy a good quality smart scale?

Smart scales from the Gelius brand have a quality guarantee - 1 year, and all presented devices have been tested and quality checked. Scales provide the most accurate information if the above operating rules are observed.

We regularly conduct surveys and quality control among our customers after purchasing products in the online store. The Gelius team analyzes the information received from user reviews for all products. This allows you to improve the quality of products from the range.

You can buy Smart Scales on our website through the shopping cart or by calling the specified phone numbers of the call center.