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Most modern people understand that a smartphone case is not only about giving it style and a beautiful look. Protecting the device, which provides security to the body of the mobile phone from various damages, is the main function of the case for which it is purchased.

The case will help keep your smartphone looking good, as well as protect the case from scratches and cracks. The originality of the case in terms of color, design, format allows you to choose the best option for everyone: for lovers of classics and minimalism, and for those who love interesting things. If you have a desire to distinguish a smartphone from others, then you can consider original ideas that emphasize your individuality.

Types of cases for mobile phones

Cases come in several types to choose from for different models of smartphones.

The most common case materials are of the following types:


Durable, elastic accessories that fit tightly enough to the smartphone, providing reliable protection and safety of the device from drops, moisture or dust.


Quite practical cases, are water resistant and protected from various kinds of pollution. However, such material is very fragile, which can lead to damage if dropped.


Stylish accessories, have a classic look and high monetary value. These cases are durable, but not designed to protect against severe damage.

Cases are also classified according to their design into the following types:

Case in the form of an overlay

For those who like to periodically change the appearance of the device. This particular type of design has a diverse choice, including design options: bright prints, rich colors and various decorations. It is easy to care for such accessories, as well as change them. If in addition to use a protective glass for the display, then you don't have to worry about the case being too open.

Case "Bumper"

Bumpers are a type of overlay that leaves the display of a smartphone open, as well as its back. The case looks like a frame designed only for the edges of the smartphone. Most often, silicone or an alloy of metal with aluminum is used for such options.

Case in the form of a "book"

It is made mainly of leather materials of various colors. Such accessories well protect the body of the device and its display. Bookcases have compartments for business cards and cards.

Armored case

Armored version of the lining for maximum protection of the device made of strong materials. Such accessories look large and are designed to protect the smartphone from strong shocks and falls, as well as from moisture, rain and various pollution.

For each user, the choice of case plays a different role. If we talk about the preferences of girls and men, then, as a rule, differences in preferences come from the variety of colors of accessories.

Phone cases

A range of phone cases from the brand Gelius

On the website of the Ukrainian brand Gelius you will find many interesting and stylish cases for any smartphone line:

Benefits of phone bumpers from the brand Gelius

Gelius is a Ukrainian brand of smart gadgets and mobile accessories, which was founded in 2018, creating high-quality smart products at affordable prices for everyone. Cases, protective glasses, chargers, cables, power banks and batteries are provided with a quality guarantee of 12 months (from the date of purchase in the brand's online store).

How to choose a case for a mobile phone in an online store?

In the presented catalog of cases you can find many stylish, durable and reliable options that will appeal to everyone. The convenience of searching and labeling filters on the site will allow you to choose the right accessories according to your phone parameters and personal preferences.

Where to buy a cheap case with delivery to a mobile phone in Ukraine?

On the website of the official Gelius online store, you can place an order online. Our manager will contact you to confirm the order details. Delivery operates through the New Mail service throughout Ukraine (Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, etc.)