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Samsung phone cases

Samsung is a South Korean company with a worldwide reputation, once famous for its household appliances. Today it is also known as a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable smartphones.

If you want to extend the life of your device, you will need a case for Samsung. Using it, you can protect your smartphone from scratches, dents, dust, and most importantly, it softens the blow if the device falls, thereby protecting the fragile internal electronics.

In addition, the Samsung case can perform other additional functions. For example, it can serve as a stand, which already saves money, because you don’t have to buy it additionally.

Accessories from the manufacturer: what models are in stock?

Those looking for a case for a Samsung phone have a choice, since there are several options and models. So, the range includes:

  • cases – compact cases that protect the rear panel of the device and its end parts;
  • books – provide protection for the device from all sides. They can be universal or made for specific phone models (this fact may affect the cost of the accessory).

Another type is a bumper. It rests on the sides of the phone, strengthening it along the sides. Lightweight, takes up the least amount of space. Can be combined with an overlay.

Cases for Samsung are made from different materials, each of which has its own characteristics and features. Options could be:

  • plastic;
  • silicone;
  • TPU;
  • glass;
  • textile;
  • leather (natural or artificial).

A plastic case for a Samsung phone fits securely on the device, softens shocks, and is resistant to temperature fluctuations.

The silicone accessory is flexible and fits tightly to the device. The material is pleasant to the touch and does not slip out of your hand.

Thermoplastic polyurethane is a material that combines the best qualities of the previous two. Flexible, durable, resistant to scratches, abrasions, dust, and sunlight. It began to be used relatively recently, but has already gained popularity, since the manufacturer and users quickly appreciated its advantages.

Something new – glass cases for Samsung smartphones. Their side panels are made of TPU, which provides shock-absorbing properties, and the back surface is made of tempered glass, resistant to scratches and other types of damage. One of the features is the play of color in the sun. The accessory looks unusual and stylish. Fabric models are more suitable for cases when you want something original, since such material gives scope for bringing design ideas to life.

If you need a solid, strict, serious case for Samsung, you should pay attention to models made of leather or leatherette. They are strong and durable.

How to choose the right cases for your Samsung smartphone?

Since you will be using this accessory for a long time, it should be comfortable. In addition, his choice may depend on many factors, including your lifestyle.

Therefore, before you decide to order a case for Samsung, find a suitable model based on the following factors:

  • compatible with phone model. It is better if the accessory is made specifically for the smartphone model - this way it will “fit” perfectly;
  • protection. If the conditions of use include the danger of frequent impacts or falls, it is necessary to take care of more reliable protection;
  • convenience. Some people find it more convenient to use an inexpensive case, while others don’t mind the need to open the lid of the “book” to answer a call or read a message - here everyone decides for themselves what suits them best.

As for design and color, there are options for every taste, and if you order several different pieces at once, they can be changed depending on your clothing style or mood.

It is also important to consider the functionality of the accessory. There are models that simultaneously protect the device, serve as a business card holder/wallet for the owner (there are special pockets for cards), a stand, and more.

You should choose a transparent silicone case when you don’t want to hide the original phone case. A single-color or multi-colored model with patterns/drawings will hide the “true face” of the smartphone, but will create a new image/style for it.

Where can I buy a Samsung case at a good price?

In our online store you can buy a case for Samsung at any time by placing an order online. You can contact managers by phone - they will advise and answer questions. In addition, the website lists the price of each model.

You can pay for your order online (by card), in cash upon receipt, as well as MonoPay.

All products in the store are guaranteed for 12 months, confirming the absence of any defects, including factory defects.

Nova Poshta delivers purchases throughout Kyiv and Ukraine.