Car phone charger

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Smartphone auto charger – This is a device that allows you to charge your smartphone or any other device by connecting to the cigarette lighter socket. Gadgets are charged by converting the voltage of the car system. Auto charger allows you to connect to various devices: laptop, tablet, camcorder or photo camera.

The car phone charger is a practical, compact and safe device that will always be useful in your car.

How does an auto charger for a phone work?

Auto charger for smartphones is used only in the car, as the device plug is adapted to the cigarette lighter socket. As stated above, the basic principle of operation is to convert the 12V voltage to the corresponding output current for smartphones. For those who work and travel a lot while driving a car, such a device is simply irreplaceable on the road.

Types of car phone chargers

There are two types of car chargers:

  • Pluggable type - have one or more USB outputs.
  • Non-detachable type - have an inseparable block from the cable, which is connected to the cigarette lighter.

Car chargers for mobile phones

Smartphone car chargers can be classified:

By current strength.

To recharge the smartphone, an output current of 1A will be enough, for a tablet, in turn, a current of 2A is needed. Today there are chargers in which there are 2 connectors that provide the ability to charge two devices (tablet and smartphone, for example).

By the number of ports.

This criterion is one of the most important. As mentioned above, there are devices with two connectors, which is the best solution for simultaneously charging several devices. There are also devices with up to 5 connectors. 

By configuration.

A complete set for a car charger for a mobile phone often takes into account a dense box, and in it a standard set: a car charger, a USB cable, instructions for use, a warranty card.

By functionality.

Depending on the specific car charger model, there may be such a list of functions and capabilities:

  • Charging devices for passengers in the rear seats of the car, thanks to a long cable and a remote block.
  • The ability to inform users on the LED display about the current voltage level, as well as the charge level of the device.
  • Notification of readiness for operation thanks to the backlight.
  • Ability to transfer audio files from a mobile phone to a radio tape recorder, thanks to devices such as FM modulators.

By design and appearance.

The choice based on appearance is an individual decision for each user.

How to choose the right cigarette lighter charger for your phone: expert advice

  1. The main thing for a car charger is efficiency and reliability, first of all, so you shouldn't try to save money on such a device.
  2. The car charger must have a secure fit in the cigarette lighter for correct operation.
  3. The device for charging must be compatible with the gadget and with the car.
  4. It is also important to remember about the complete set, if one cable is not enough, then you can immediately buy several spare.
  5. The design of the device can be viewed according to personal taste. Modern devices have a stylish look and beautiful design.

The design of the device can be viewed according to personal taste. Modern devices have a stylish look and beautiful design

Car charger
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Where is it profitable to buy a phone charger in a car with delivery in Ukraine?

You can choose any product you like from the category of chargers for your car, FM transmitters (modulators), DVRs, holders for a smartphone in a car, AUX cables and place an order in the online store of the Ukrainian brand Gelius. To confirm the details and consult, if necessary, our specialist will contact you.

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