Chargers for phones

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Charging for the phone: what is it and for which devices is it suitable

Charging for a smartphone is a device that supplies electrical energy to a mobile phone from external sources and the network. Most of the energy comes from mains AC. Chargers are developed not only for smartphones, but also for laptops, tablets, electric vehicles, smart watches, Power Bank and other smart gadgets that require recharging the battery.

Previously, almost all smartphones in the package included chargers and cables, just like other devices. Especially the universal ones. Currently, most well-known mobile device companies no longer include a charger in the package. But it is possible to purchase the charger separately, as well as replace it if it stops working correctly.

Types of phone chargers

According to the methods of using the memory, there can be two types: external or built-in.

Chargers can be of several types:

  • Network.
    In such charges, the power comes from the electrical network, which leads to the conversion of the voltage into the necessary device.
  • Wireless.
    For a wireless type of charger, there is no direct interaction of the smartphone with current. Wireless devices are presented in the form of special platforms or stations, the basic principle of which is the induction coil.
  • Universal.
    Type of wires with a connector for connecting to a smartphone and a USB connector for recharging from a PC.
  • Automotive.
    They perform their function from the cigarette lighters in the car. The onboard network is the main source of power.

Criteria for choosing a phone charger

By appointment.

The mobile phone can be charged in any convenient place: at home, at work, in the car, in institutions and even on the street. To do this, you need to figure out where you might need a specific charger:

  • Mains charger - will charge your mobile phone in any room where there are sockets.
  • Automotive - designed to charge a smartphone through the cigarette lighter. For energy, a car battery charge or energy from a generator is used.
  • Wireless - used as a platform that hosts a smartphone that receives energy wirelessly. Wireless charging is great for use: at home, in the car, at work and even outdoors.

By current strength.

There are certain standards and norms that are accepted by manufacturers of equipment. These standards affect the life of the charger, the duration of the charging cycle and its performance.

Power supplies for the most part can deliver current according to the standard from 1 to 2A, which will allow you to quickly charge the battery and not overheat the device. The optimal current strength for tablets is - 2A. This gives an understanding that blocks with such current strength are not always suitable for budget smartphone models.

Output current:

  • 1A - maximum power - 1000 mAh.
  • 2-2.4A - power is - 2400 mAh.
  • 3.1A - has a capacity of 3100 mAh.

Charging device

By the number of ports.

One of the interesting features of chargers is the presence of multiple output ports. These ports allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time. At the same time, you need to remember that such a network charger should have a high power - 3.4A.

By configuration.

In most cases, the charger and cable are sold separately as they are not a complete unit. Previously, charging in the form of a block with a cord was used. But this was an impractical solution, as the cord could break, tangle and break. Currently, if the cable frays, it can simply be replaced and the block left. And also it can be used with a cable of any connector to charge different devices.

Therefore, it is better to purchase the cable and power supply separately.

By functionality.

The output of modern chargers can adapt to the requirements of the smartphone, so charging is always done at the fastest possible rate. Today, it is also possible to purchase chargers for smartphones with a fast charging function. Fast charging can work above 2A.

By design.

Chargers for smartphones may differ in their appearance in terms of colors, shape, and the presence of indicators.

Which brands are suitable for Gelius memory

Chargers from the Ukrainian brand Gelius are of high quality and warranty, so users often prefer our products, as they are in no way inferior to original devices from various manufacturers.

All presented Gelius chargers are designed to meet all requirements and are compatible with smartphones of famous brands: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. All parameters meet the requirements of charging speed and performance quality of chargers.

TOP chargers for mobile phones and other gadgets

Mains charger Gelius Pro Impulse PD30W GP-HC013 White – 499 UAH

Powerful charging with Quick Charge support, high compatibility with other devices and multi-level protection.

The output current is - 3A.

Mains charger Gelius Pro Zion GP-HC010 Black – 479 UAH

Dual USB Type-C charger supports fast charging 3.0.

It has protection against short circuits and power surges.

Car charger Gelius Pro Twix GP-CC006 USB+Type-C QC/PD18W + Cable Iphone Black – 299 UAH

This device takes into account Quick Charge, the output current is 3.1A.

An Apple Lightning cable is included with the charger.

Where to buy a phone charger with delivery in Ukraine?

Gelius brand offers a wide range of chargers, cables and Power Bank for mobile phones of different models, as well as protective glasses, cases and batteries at competitive prices for everyone. All products are guaranteed quality.

You can purchase Gelius products on the website of the online store for individuals and legal entities. Also, you can purchase any goods from the brand's catalog at corporate prices in any quantity (for more details on the terms of purchase for corporate clients, check with the store manager).